the start of non-therapeutic tools of grieving

My name is Matt. I’m currently doing my last year in Product Design at Edinburgh College of Art.

This year my project is focusing on grieving, specifically, ‘non-therapeutic tools of grieving’. By this I mean objects with a(n unusual) function based on experiences of grieving.

Through the developing of this project it has become clear that I want to produce engaging objects that promote a discourse around the ‘awkward’ subject of grief.

I started by researching a group of people’s specific experiences taken from their processes of grieving. I then came up with an abundance of ideas for objects from the mundane to the ridiculous. I then narrowed these down to ten or so possible objects. From there it was a case of making prototypes to be put up for discussion.


~ by Matt on February 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “the start of non-therapeutic tools of grieving”

  1. After looking at all the objects it highlights how unique grief is to each person. The concept of chaos that comes through in some of the objects. Grief is about chaos.If you can sit with chaos you can sit with grief. Also highlights there is no right way to grief.

    from a psychotherapist

  2. Hey Matt, after having gone through them and read your rationale I am still a bit unclear as if the final goal for these items to be made and put into real practical use of just conceptual art pieces? I agree some are practical and some are ridiculous. Just would love to know what is the final intention for them?

  3. On the whole though I like the project, you can see alot of thought has gone into all these items. I hope you do well!

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