anti-suicide pistol

Anti-suicide Pistol


I had a discussion with one woman who had a friend in a foreign army that supposedly committed suicide. However, this person’s pistol was still in its holster and the bullet wound was in the back of his head. It was not suicide but the army covered that up. So the Anti-suicide Pistol was born.


~ by Matt on March 12, 2009.

10 Responses to “anti-suicide pistol”

  1. did you actualy make it?????????//

  2. Highlights how people make assumptions and think they know when often they dont. May make some uncomfortable.

    from a psychotherapist

  3. I see this really as an art piece, and I don’t know quite what to think about it, but I like it. You say it could be made? How? Surely it would be just seen as a novelty? Would’nt it?

  4. It would be a perfect campaign against the legal proceeding actually in place in the foreign army this story refers to. Examples :1) in case of a suspicious death, decision whether an autopsy should take place or not is taken by the army ; 2) Only a military trial takes place, which means that the family of the victim might never know whether justice was ever done for their loved one, since the verdict is always classified. Every violent death in this army is labeled as a suicide and having such proceedings in place doesn’t help. Letting the families know more about what happened would certainly prevent people from “making assumptions”, as Trish suggest.
    I would add a slogan “The anti-suicide pistol: take care of yourself! If you join the army you might need one”…

  5. I don’t quite understand this design – how does the anecdote relates to the design? – was the guy shot by someone else? How did it lead to the design? What is the designs purpose – or is it purely symbolic of the story? Maybe could elaborate the text a little.

  6. GREAT!!!! Very nice idea!! But god, what a horrible story!! I love your pistol for 2 reasons: Suicide is impossible, and murder is impossible as well. What a peaceful weapon.

  7. Powerful image! Somtimes in extreme emotional pain you just need to stay alive.
    Thought maybe the link between the text and the image was a bit loose?

  8. this could be a great symbol against suicide and for non violence. I thing this product should be made.
    I like it!

  9. Like the funny side to this obvious serious topic – have you seen the attempted suicide scene in Delicatessen? Brilliant…

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