eat and sleep alarm

Eat and Sleep Alarm

eat and sleep alarm

eat and sleep alarm01

The Eat and Sleep Alarm comes from the emphasis that people around the grieving person put on food and sleep, such as bringing food and cooking for them. It is also from the state of mind the grieving person can be in, literally forgetting to eat or not feeling hungry and not being able or willing to sleep. The ‘eat’ or ‘sleep’ display appears at the appropriate times of the day.


~ by Matt on March 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “eat and sleep alarm”

  1. I like this. A great way to remind us. Metabolism is slowed down, adrenalin is speed up when in shock. gives us some leeway to not eat as much, our body caring for us. Letting people bring food makes them feel useful too. Often feel helpless.

    from a psychotherapist

    • So do you think that it would be useful for the people supporting the grievers to have one?


  2. This is my favourite creation. I do think it could be useful for even the grievers themselves to have one.

  3. Nice idea, has strong real world applications I think.

  4. Nice design, nice letters in red. And true, during the worst times in life one forget to eat and sleep, the two necessary things to keep on living.

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