fear of moving knives knife

Fear of Moving Knives Knife




A woman I spoke to had the experience of a friend being stabbed to death when she was young. This seems to have created a fear of moving knives in front of her. The Fear of Moving Knives Knife is simply a representation of that fear. It could be too frightening or therapeutic but neither of these were a specific aim.

Available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting this object for a while please leave a comment below.


~ by Matt on March 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “fear of moving knives knife”

  1. This is very specific to knives in the trauma. ? knives may always be a trigger. Hopefully intensity may lesson and so be more manageable.

    from a psychotherapist

  2. Could become a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hands! I can see it on the latest slasher film as a signature weapon! Ha! But seriously who would be operating it? The psychotherapist or the client? Wouldn’t a normal knife waved around in the face do the same trick?

  3. Don’t understand it, and maybe because of that don’t like it too much… Horror film associations…

  4. Something primitive and scary about it.
    Maybe you could link that to reactions to grief and loss being primitve and basic emotions that are felt even in the animal world
    Love the orginality of the concept and wondered if you’d even made the ‘eggbeater’ part of it.

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