husband stilts

Husband Stilts



The Husband Stilts are based on the physical differences of a woman and her husband. There were things that her husband always helped her with while he was alive. An example of this is simply being able to reach certain things. The stilts would be the height difference between the woman and her husband.

Available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting this object for a while please leave a comment below.


~ by Matt on March 12, 2009.

8 Responses to “husband stilts”

  1. Frustration, heightens awareness other person is not there.
    Will not resonate with everyone.

    from a psychotherapist

  2. I feel it may balance better if the bottom end in contact with the floor has a larger surface area.

  3. I don’t really see how this fly, as of course one could just get a chair, but again if you are going for conceptual ideas based on grieving, yeah I can see the thought behind it.

  4. Trish is on the ball, having to be indepndent reminds you you are alone…the stilts themselves are in a pair…what happens if you lose one, grieve all over again?

  5. On second thought, stilts are also fun (youthful?) and seeing the world, or maybe just your residence, from your husband’s level may be interesting.

  6. I really like the idea creating objects which replace old dependencies – but I find the style of these stilts very dark,creepy. Sort of reminds me of really old medical prosthetics or that scary baby on stilts from that controversial old “thrill kill” game. Could maybe soften them up a bit if you plan to develop them further. But maybe its just me! 😛

  7. Only for young and sportive widows… 😉 I would break my neck. – And now as I read it I can perfectly understand Andy’s comment and his associations.

  8. Nice representation of the physical, practical realities involved in losing a partner that no one even thinks of until they have to be dealt with. They tie in nicely with the Extra Safe Necklace (stilts could become special and symbolic, as Karen said), and even the Numb Knuckle Duster (stomp out your anger at your husband for dying – that’s why I like that they’re so solid)

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