numb knuckle duster

Numb Knuckle Duster



The Numb Knuckle Duster came from a chat about not expressing one’s anger as well as feeling numb. So, it has an aggressive outer appearance with its protruding spikes, while on the inside there are two more spikes that push into the wearer’s hand, particularly when they clench their fist.

Available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting this object for a while please leave a comment below.


~ by Matt on March 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “numb knuckle duster”

  1. To me this shows inner and outer pain. Very powerful.

    from a psychotherapist

  2. Pretty out there man. I think you are treading a fine line with people who self harm… etc. But as a visual metaphor you get the point across. I guess I am a little unclear about the intention of the project, are the items intended for real world, or just entirely conceptual?

  3. After a friend (only 15) was killed by a drunk driver I felt angry but I reckon I’d still opt for a workout at the gym or throw some darts, without keeping score, instead…

  4. By hurting someone you hurt yourself with this knuckle duster? Did I understand it right? Very good idea!!! It looks aggressive, and amazing that one cannot see the auto-aggressive component on the first sight.

  5. Looks like an instrument of torture! I think sometimes the emotional pain of grieving day after day, month after….. can feel like torture.
    I wondered if the text accompanying it should be as hard and punchy as the piece?

  6. This struck a real chord with me. Not being able to express one’s pain is frustrating and so is feeling numb when you think you ought to be feeling pain (or feeling ANYTHING). Feeling physical pain seems to the griever better than feeling nothing, and so what if that’s close to self-harming? If they’re both about regaining control over one’s feelings, there are similarities. This symbolizes and expresses that. What makes self-harming so dangerous is its secretive nature – there is nothing secretive about this one, the expression is the healthy part.

  7. Numbness (and dissociation) has often been a reaction in my life to emotional trauma so I can relate to Karl’s comment. What came across most strongly to me, though, is the idea that if you hurt someone else you are also hurting yourself and for me the NKD symbolises this idea so well. I just want to say that the tools on this website are providing a context in which to discuss issues related to grief, emotional pain and healing, which is rare in everyday life (despite these things affecting so many people). For this they are invaluable.

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