secret laughter ring

Secret Laughter Ring




In a lot of places the expression of grieving is not really accepted while in others it is expected. Laughter is the same. It came be expected while is some circumstances, like close to a death, it’s shamed upon. The Secret Laughter Ring allows you to record your laughter then turn it around and play it back with a squeeze. You can listen to the laughter by cupping your hands to your ear.

Available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting this object for a while please leave a comment below.


~ by Matt on March 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “secret laughter ring”

  1. I’d like to have one like that! Nice design.

  2. I like this. Laughter is so important but I agree is so frowned upon. Being able to laugh gives us some balance. Laughter is close to tears?

    from a psychotherapist

  3. I find the sieve on the ring very intriguing. As if you never know what could come out this way, or what is on the other side.

    It’s definitely the first ring I see that has an Outside and Inside… and, strangely enough, it is the Inside that captures most of my attention.

  4. I think this is great! Could have many applications, not just for breieved people, but people who are depressed. Etc. You cloud have other things recorded like personal affirmations. Definately has legs this idea!

  5. This me of an experience at a funeral – i find grieving at them one of the most awkward things – maybe its a “macho” thing. I few years ago i was at the funeral of my friends mum. It was an incredibly distressing service – even sadder then any of those of my grandparents. But i spent the whole time trying to think of happy thoughts, biting my lip and trying not to show any extreme outward emotion. Kindof stupid i suppose, but there is something uncomfortable about greeting in a very quiet hall, full of people you know.

    Also I sometimes find the opposite happens as well – sometimes when you are expected to be all sad, you try too hard to be and just end up giggling – I had a similar experience when i was breaking up with a girlfriend. I didnt find the actual situation funny at all but just couldnt help it, it was like a reaction…it wasn’t very good and had to try real hard to hide it! Apparently its quite common – I saw a police program where they were getting trained to deliver news of deaths, and being shown to avoid it.

  6. You can hear your own laughter? Interesting thing. I had some nice conversations the last days about crying. I wasn’t that aware that people in our time cry less and less, oppress their feelings (probably positive feelings as well as negative feelings) and their sorrows. My boyfriend told me about therapies where you learn again to cry. Quite sad that you have as well to listen to your own laughter because the society criticizes laughing in public.

  7. God this is a subject close to my heart! Sometimes in situations where conventionally you are required to be serious and the tension of this can produce the release of laughter.
    Maybe society expects people who are grieving never to laugh but to lose your sense of humour entirely would be a very bleak place to be.
    Also hearing laughter amongst so much sadness could be a helpful thing, even if you feel safer doing that in secret

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