single tear catcher

Single Tear Catcher



The Single Tear Catcher was inspired from an experience I had of shedding a solitary tear at a funeral.

Available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting this object for a while please leave a comment below.


~ by Matt on March 12, 2009.

12 Responses to “single tear catcher”

  1. The single tear catcher is probably the most emotionally appealing product. The idea of catching tears is not a new one and lachrymatory bottles have been around for years. Tears however should be precious and given more importance, not just wiped away and dismissed as a sign of weakness. The shedding of tears can often be the pinnacle of expressing deep emotion, following a series of emotional ups and downs leading up to the event of crying. Capturing a physical expression of these emotions is an interesting concept, although the practicality of catching tears could be a distraction from the emotion being felt at the time. But despite all this rhetoric the product concept is strong, effectively emphasising and symbolising the appearance of the single tear.

    • Thank you for the comment. I think what is distinctive about having a ‘single’ tear catcher is the emphasis on difference between people and the amount they express feelings outwardly.


  2. how big tears you can catch with it? Has anybody done a research on that? 😉
    breath taking idea.

    • I’ve filled it up with water to make sure it would actually capture and hold liquid but no tears have been used as yet. Would you like to adopt it for a while to test it out?


  3. 1 tear or 100 tears. Not all shed tears. Can be a runny nose.? not so soft? Very symbolic. Tears of loss are different to tears from onions. Often relief when we are able to shed tears? expressing emotion.

    from a psychotherapist

  4. I love this product. Small and insignificant things in life are easily missed or forgotten. This tear catcher captures and signifies the most fundamental emotions in human being. I also like the fact that it is made of see through material. To me the clarity also seems to strip off all artificial elements which hide emotions away.

  5. Interesting. I like that the glass vial actually looks like a tear. So in the process of capturing tears you are outwardly showing you are crying to others.

  6. Really beautiful. Can you change the vial? You could cork and store them as mementos. “I shed this tear for…”

  7. I love it!! Wonderful love in small details. I don’t know how it works, if it is hollow. But I like the form a lot. And the idea is beautiful as well as the design. Glass is the ideal material for it. Really perfect.

  8. Sorg = grief, tår = tear, kärlek = love, känslor = emotions.

    I love it! I would like to have it in a neckless.
    “att bära minnet av en kär vän i form av en tår runt min hals”.

  9. I like that it emphasizes the preciousness of tears, maybe particularly for “boys who don’t cry” (and girls of course).
    Capturing the tear also makes it possible to present/share the grief with someone close – I’m thinking of an experience I had with a close friend who kissed my tears and swallowed them, telling me that she now had some of my grief and pain inside her. She was desperate to try to share the load.

  10. Any possibility of purchasing this item as a gift for my loved one? We are forced to be apart from each other for long periods of time and can never avoid tearful moments. Her birthday is around the corner and I know she would absolutely fall in love with this item.

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