an honest comment

I got an email the other day. It suggested that I was ‘objectifying’ grief. It said that it was ‘a bit like jazzing up a wheelchair or a zimmer-frame. It also makes a reference humour being used as a ‘crutch’ and that it was ‘silly’ and ‘distastful’.

While I didn’t totally agree with what this person wrote I do appreciate honest comments.

This was my response:

I really appreciate your honest comments.
Do you think that being able to talk about one’s thoughts and feelings about one’s loss is important to that process?
I’m not doing this project to take away anything from the process. My aim is to encourage a discourse around it, to show that it’s ok to express oneself during this process and in reference to the subject of loss in general.
Can you explain how you see this project/these objects as a ‘crutch’ please?
Why is it wrong to put humour in, often, uncomfortable subjects?
In reference to the comment about “jazzing up a wheelchair or a zimmer-frame”, I don’t see anything wrong with making helpful objects more beautiful.
I hope you can see that ‘jazzing up’ was never my aim.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Please continue to be direct and honest.


Feel free to add your own responses.


~ by Matt on May 4, 2009.

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