about the project

The focus is on grieving, specifically, ‘non-therapeutic tools of grieving’. By this I mean objects with a(n unusual) function based on experiences of grieving.

The aim is to produce engaging objects that promote a discourse around the ‘awkward’ subject of grief.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. email me at contradictory@hotmail.co.uk or leave a comment below the appropriate post.

Some object titles are links to my flickr account where you will find images documenting the making of the particular object.


3 Responses to “about the project”

  1. really like your eat/sleep clock, thats a banger… and the gun that really works as well. i think that your communication of the products is good, but try and emulate the single tear catcher photo of malin and the photo of your anti suicide gun in the rest of your product in use images… i also think that using the probes/quotes/conversations that inspired your products in the communication would help people understand your design decisions. i.e. ‘my husband used to reach the top shelf’ – but maybe thats too obvious, it could be done well though.

    i think that you should do loads more products, keep going and going and going, i like the more specific personal stories, these work best. end.

  2. I agree personal stories work best but important to have different experiences. All highlight how unique grief is to all of us. How important symbolism is. How uncomfortable grief is for some.

    from a psychotherapist

  3. I want to know if these items you have made are intended for use in the real world, or just entirely conceptual ideas that are supposed to create conversation about grief??

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