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  1. Hi Matt, Like the site but have a few reservations. Think you need to make a distinction between grieving and phobia/obsession. Some of it seems a bit flippant/jokey on what should be quite serious/investigative research into a very emotive subject. Call me a prudish old ******r but I do have experience of and continue to grieve.

    • All these objects are based on individual experiences of grieving. As you would be aware people can act very differently to circumstances of death and therefore their experiences and reactions through grieving. I purposely chose a broad range of objects to display here to achieve a range of reactions and potential comments. The appearance of flippancy just happens to be one of the affects. I want people to discuss the subject and for the objects to be accessible, so limiting the range of emotions involved in these objects seemed inappropriate to me considering the variations in emotion that are experienced while grieving. I am basing this on my own experiences, conversations I’ve had with others and more academic research I’ve done into the subject. I hope this clarifies things a bit.

  2. Hello Matt, not quite sure what you’re getting at but this is an interesting project.
    I’d like to experiment with the cuticle protector and/or the laugher ring. Was curious about the process you’re attempting to evoke/soothe/exacerbate (?) and of course what your own experience has been with grief and objects. I’m a therapist and artist of sorts

    • Hey D. These are preliminary objects up for discussion. They are, in some ways, a learning tool for me in this project. There will be further objects coming from this discourse I’m tying to create. They will still have the aim of encouraging a discoursse about grieving because it is still largely seen as an ‘awkward’ subject. What I can achieve from the time frame I have (at college) is somewhat limited but there is a possibility of making this a larger scale project in the future.
      I would like to chat about the possibility of you having an object or two for a few days so email me at Out of interest why the Cuticle Protector and Secret Laughter Ring in particular?
      In reference to my own experiences: the Extra Safe Necklace came from me losing a pendant that was made for me immediately after the deaths of one of my brothers and my father. I had had it for about 14 years, wearing it almost constantly. That is the most relevant reply I can think of just now. There are other objects that come to mind that make reference to time with my brother and father such as sports equipment, which has relevance to both of them in different ways. If I continue you might start charging me so I’ll stop there.
      I hope this answers queries.

  3. Hello Matt, thank you for saying something about your own connection to the subject.
    I chose the particular objects because I thought they were quite discrete and grieving I guess in this culture is not often welcomed if its too expressive. But I was also curious from your reply about how history and connection to significant people
    is held in valued objects. I could go on, but I’ll stop now! Debbie

  4. Hi Matt, I loved the cuticle protector, i feel it is very useful design and actually could work very well in every day life. I like your strong concepts and the exploring of different aspects of grievance/anxiety, phobias and generally death etc.

    It is exciting topic and would be nice to discuss this further.

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